Sprinkler Solutions is a lawn sprinkler system company specializing in lawn and watering-the-grassgarden sprinkler installation, maintenance, and irrigation repair in Jackson MS.  I can also remodel or revamp existing sprinkler systems.  Whether you are a residential or a commercial customer, my focus will be on customer satisfaction and a superior quality of workmanship.  I am dedicated to helping you save money and manage your irrigation system to ensure that our most precious resource, water, is being conserved.  My wife and I own the company.  I perform all of the actual labor of installing and repairing sprinkler systems.  You will not find me sitting in an office while commissioned employees, posing as professionals, come out to perform work for you.  You will see me out working, personally.

We also do irrigation in Lake Mary Fla.

The quality of work I guarantee greatly exceeds that of my competitors, because, being the owner who performs all of the work, my attention to detail and dedication to a quality service is unmatched.

Sprinkler Solutions uses the highest quality products the industry has to offer, including brands such as Hunter and Rain Bird, as well as quality commercial grade pipe and fittings as recommended by Gem Sprinkler Lake Mary.  We also offer the best warranty in the business.  I understand and respect your property and that is why I won’t sell you something you don’t need.  My ultimate goal is to have a customer who is satisfied.

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Bob Quin
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